Noise Measurement & Consulting

The fundamental condition of designing bespoke noise attenuation measures is a precise recording of the initial acoustic situation.

Our extensive measure and analysis equipment allows us to:

  • measurement of airborne sound and vibration
  • determination of room acoustic conditions
  • sound measurement at working places
  • sound level measurement of noise immission from plants or industrial areas


We analyse the determined data:

  • as Terz-and narrowbandwidth analysis, what provides a far more detailed information than just the determination of the sound pressure level in dB(A).
  • in terms of sound pressure levels of different machine components
  • concerning the identification of main sound sources on certain points at measurement


Based on this, we develop the basic concept for noise attenuation – if necessary in a step-by-step plan.


We happily provide our consultancy services if you

  • Seek advice on plants and machinery in regard to acoustic aspects
  • Need to formulate acoustic requirement profiles for machine purchasing contracts