Detailed Engineering

Having determined the optimal solution for sound attenuation, based on previous findings in our measurements, we proceed with the construction and specification of the bespoke products in regards with their requirements.

Based on a 2D drawing, we plan the basic framework and measures of the product. The engineering plan is then refined in a 3D version and ready for construction.

In the final step of procedure we will

  • Establish a requirement profile
  • Construct agreed-upon products of noise reduction in 2D and 3D CAD plans, which take into consideration the specific ergonomic and aesthetic needs of the machine operators
  • Generate a call for tender for the planned measures, so that you can optimally compare offer from different constructors
  • Compare offers, generate price comparisons and advise you on the award of contract decision
  • If you wish, you can outsource fabrication and construction control to us
  • Perform a final measure after construction to ensure the measure works satisfactory


We guarantee to achieve your initial requirements with this extensive consultation procedure.