An essential part of the development of targeted measures for noise reduction is the precise measurement of the acoustic “actual condition”. Our extensive measurement and analysis equipment enables:

  • airborne sound and vibration measurements
  • metrological determination of room acoustic conditions
  • noise measurements at the workplace
  • measurement of noise immissions from trade and industry

We analyze the measured data

  • as broadband third-octave and narrowband analysis, in their accuracy and informative value far beyond the exclusive determination of the level value dB(A)
  • with regard to level components of different machine components
  • with regard to the determination of main noise sources at the individual measuring points
  • Based on this, we determine a basic concept for noise reduction, if necessary, as a sequential step-by-step plan

In the run-up to the project, we will be pleased to advise you on

  • the site planning of plants and machines under acoustic aspects
  • in the formulation of acoustic requirement profiles in purchase contracts for machines